Understanding Pond Safety

We need to emphasise the importance of safety when it comes to ponds. While ponds can be a beautiful and relaxing addition to your garden, they also pose certain risks if proper safety measures are not taken.

We try and provide a variety of helpful tips for ensuring that your pond is safe for both people and wildlife.

Some of the key points include:

Installing a pond cover: A pond cover can help to prevent accidental falls into the water, especially for young children or pets. There are various types of pond covers or fitted options available, including netting, mesh, or metal bar / mesh types.

Marking the pond’s depth: It’s important to mark the depth of your pond, either with a floating marker or a sign, so that anyone near the pond is aware of its depth and potential risks.

Providing a safe exit: Ensure that there is a safe and easy way to exit the pond, such as a gently sloping edge or a set of steps. This will help to prevent accidents and make it easier for wildlife to escape if they accidentally fall in.

Keeping electrical equipment away from the pond: If you have electrical equipment, such as pond pumps or lighting, near your pond, it’s important to ensure that it is installed safely and kept away from the water to prevent the risk of electric shock.

Supervising young children and pets: Children and pets should always be supervised when near a pond, and should never be left unsupervised near the water.


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