Expert Advice for a Great Garden Pond…

Everyone agrees that a pond can add so much to a garden, but sometimes getting everything right can seem a bit of a daunting challenge, whether you’re working with an inherited pond that came with the house, or starting from scratch. PondExpert will give you the ideas, know-how and answers to help you create and maintain the pond of your dreams.

We have lots of content about how to choose the right water lily for your garden pond or how to grow water lilies successfully, as it’s quite a big subject! Learning about Pond Snails is another question we get asked often, so be sure to check out those resources as every pond owner will need to know eventually. We are gradually adding more information about choosing the right pond plants, as there are many things to be aware of and you need to make sure that you are choosing the right plant for the right position, for instance you need to learn about marginal pond plants for around the edge, oxygenating plants, as well as free floating pond plants.

A Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Koi

Few cold water fish can compete with Koi, whether that’s in terms of their variety of patterns and colours, their long history and cultural traditions, or just their sheer physical presence. Koi appeal for all [...]

Picking the Right Pump

Nothing livens up the pond – or the whole garden, for that matter – quite so much as a little moving water. Whether you are planning to add a fountain or waterfall, of some combination [...]

Floating Plants for Your Pond

Although they have a tendency to get a little over-looked at times, floating plants can have an important role to play in your pond, providing useful surface cover where the leaves of water lilies and [...]

Pumping Your Pond

Adding a pump gives the pond a heart able to drive the circulation of water through filters and UV clarifiers, fountains and waterfalls, giving the whole water feature a new dynamic dimension while helping maintain [...]

Pre-Formed Pond Liners

Any pond is only as good as its liner. In the end how well the pond holds water – and how long it lasts – really all comes down to the material used to [...]

Plants for Your Pond

However clever the design of your pond, it is not until it has plants in it and around it, that it really begins to come alive. No matter what the finished project is intended to [...]

Flexible Pond Liners

Of all of the ways to build your own pond using a flexible liner gives you the most freedom to decide its eventual depth, shape and contour allowing you to tailor the finished pond exactly [...]

Choosing the Right Fish for Your Pond

For many people, a pond without fish is an impossible idea and choosing them can often be one of the most rewarding aspects of water gardening. Although there are many different varieties available, all ponds [...]