Expert Advice for a Great Garden Pond…

Everyone agrees that a pond can add so much to a garden, but sometimes getting everything right can seem a bit of a daunting challenge, whether you’re working with an inherited pond that came with the house, or starting from scratch. PondExpert will give you the ideas, know-how and answers to help you create and maintain the pond of your dreams.

We have lots of content about how to choose the right water lily for your garden pond or how to grow water lilies successfully, as it’s quite a big subject! Learning about Pond Snails is another question we get asked often, so be sure to check out those resources as every pond owner will need to know eventually. We are gradually adding more information about choosing the right pond plants, as there are many things to be aware of and you need to make sure that you are choosing the right plant for the right position, for instance you need to learn about marginal pond plants for around the edge, oxygenating plants, as well as free floating pond plants.

If you are thinking about building a pond, we have resources on the different types of pond liners, such as flexible pond liners and preformed liners. Once you have got your pond plants in, your water all perfect then it’s time to add some pond fish, or even making a specific koi fish pond! Then you’ll want to think about adding pond lights, or even a UV pond light system. So many things to learn about!

If you are looking for a sign to build a pond in your backyard or garden, then this is it! We all want our space to look beautiful and mesmerising in every way possible which is how it feels like home. You must have seen a lot of gardens with lush and shadowy trees or small pond plants with elegant flowers but use your imagination to add a pond in that place and look at it now. You will have a completely new perspective and it is all because of the magical sound of the water flowing and birds visiting your garden will make it a natural wonder. A roomy garden demands adornment, which is why we are here to tell you reasons why you should have a pond in your garden!

Firstly, a pond will make your garden or backyard unique and a place that you would want to visit every single day. This is also excellent for kids who will get to see nature’s beauty first hand. Multiply the beauty with flowers all around the garden and you will never want to leave the place. By having a pond, you will be helping wildlife to thrive, ponds are a great attraction for birds, insects and frogs. Ponds become a breeding area for these creatures and it is super rewarding to witness the wildlife benefit through your garden. This is not just for kids who get fascinated by insects and frogs but for adults too, it will work as a place where everyone will get something whether it is peace of mind or for fun.

A well maintained pond will also increase the value of your house and the surrounding property, even if you are not selling the place right now. If, in future, you do think of selling the place, buyers will be attracted because of the uniqueness that a pond has. It will cover a good portion of your garden which means that area with grass will be less, so weed trimming and mowing will also reduce which lowers the use of gasoline and ultimately your environmental impact. Overall, a pond is a great way to distract your mind on a gloomy day with the melodious sound of the water and gazing birds and the water creature in your pond. It is perhaps a very educational approach to teach kids about water creatures by helping them witness their features closely. So if you are looking to renovate your garden or backyard, having a pond regardless of its size would be a remarkable change!

Enjoy making your pond!